laptop and coffee

Hello there!

I am Andreas Linz.

Before becoming a computer scientist I have learned how to solder and measure electronic components, layout schematics, build circuit boards, and even how to operate a lathe or CNC mill. But my real passion are computers and software. Therefore, I decided to study computer science, got my bachelors degree in 2013 and I am currently in the last steps of finishing my masters degree at the University of Leipzig. The thesis topic is Programming a Realtime Remote Controllable FM Audio Synthesizer in Rust.

As you might have already guessed, I am also passionate about audio. I have build a pair of loudspeakers, a Midi controller and I am maintaining some audio related software projects on github.

I love music and I am fascinated by the whole process of generating audio signals. Besides I like to do systems programming and build web services. I also have some experience with front-end technologies like CSS/SCSS or Javascript. Sometimes I create beautiful things with TeX, too.