About Me

I am Andreas, a software developer with a passion for open source, the web, and music of all kinds. Since 2017 I am getting paid to write reliable, efficient and easy to maintain software. My tools of choice are Linux, Go, Rust, Python and SQL1.

Sometimes I also do illustrations, exhibitions or weird noises.

Leipzig, Germany is my place of living, and where I am co-organizing the local Go Meetup.

Drop me a mail if you

  • want to chat about some of the topics listed above, e.g. Go, audio programming, music etc.
  • need advice or help with some programming problem.
  • want wo work with me. Not for now, but if there's anything I can help you with then please contact me.

You can find me on GitHub and lobste.rs 🦞.

  1. Java is not foreign to me but I am not interested in any position that requires me to write or maintain software in this language. ↩︎